significance of anadhyayana

Raghavendra Hebbalalu hs_raghavendra at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jun 16 20:26:03 CDT 2000

      In the traditional panchangas, we find several
days designated as anadhyayana or sets of days as
anadhyayana-traya and so on. I am aware that the
adhyayana spoken of there is vedAdhyayana. But I am
not aware of the exact reasons of why a particular day
is designated so. Is it ordained that vedAdhyayana on
that day is a strict no-no ? Or is it all right for
vedaadhyayana to be skipped that day ? The second
question arises because shrii shankara exhorts us to
'vedo nityamadhiiyataaM'.

Thank you in advance,

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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