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First of all it is not the soul (which needs no feeding) but the bodies of
the pitrs which need to be fed. Your question is a variant of one which
is asked in the Mimamsa shastra (and discussed in the Brahmasutras too I
think.) If we accept that a particular God will be present in a yajna to
accept the offerings, how is it possible for someone to perform a yajna to
let's say Indra in place A and for someone in place B to do so at the same
time. Indra cannot be in two places at once can he? The answer given if
I recall correctly is that we should not assume the Gods have the
restriction of mortals. Indra can take up two bodies and be in A and B at
the same time. The main function the Gods is to accept offerings.
Extrapolating from this, what is to prevent the Pitrs from being in
multiple places at the same time to receive the offering which is their
main function?

Dear Jaldharji,

Surely,isn't there a difference between Pitrs and Gods? Or is it that you are here giving the status of Gods to Pitrs?

Agreed, the souls do not need food and that the bodies of the departed only have to be fed .Let us accept that the soul is Paramatman  (which it is) but we have to connect the soul with the body of the Pitr,the jeevatman to whom you are offering the pinda,as otherwise, the Pitr cannot be fed atall ! In fact , that body of that Pitr is already desytroyed IN FULL and converted into a part of the Prakriti.

Please clarify further.

Hari Om!


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