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IndraDeva Ishaya IndraDeva_Ishaya at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jun 22 14:16:48 CDT 2000

I was under the impression that Advaita meant "non-dual", for lack of a
more indepth definition. What in the world are you arguing about? I signed
onto this list expecting to learn about Vedantic tradition and history, and
I have to listen to arguments that are completely irrelevant to anything.
Why do you all feel the need to so vehemently defend your opinions and
personal paths?

"The unreal has no being; the real never ceases to be." Bhagavad-gita 2:1.

Now, that is a statement worthy of your meditations. If you believe Advaita
Vedanta is The Truth, as I hear thown around so carelessly, then it needs
no defense. If the teachings of the Buddha, or his disciples, is the Truth,
then IT needs no defense. These arguments are irrelevant. If what you
believe is the Truth, then it will stand under scrutiny. If not, well, good
You remind me of Religious Zealots, defending their beliefs that they
barely believe in themselves, and because of that fear, attempt to convert
as many as possible so as to feel safe.
Very little of what I have read has led me to a greater understanding and
experience of Atman, Brahman, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Satori, Nirvana, The One,
Transendant, Cosmic, or Ascendant Consciousness, or whatever name that you
insist I call my Enlightenment. Except to make me run from my computer to
meditate ;)
I won't post on this subject again, for I fear that this message will fall
on more than a few pairs of deaf ears, but I will continue to wade thru the
drivel in search of the pearls.
Namaste to you all.

Jai Isham Ishvaram....


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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