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Dear List Members,

I request your permission to express my feelings here :

Some time back I recd. reply from Sri Ramachadra Prabhuji to my apology letter (
it is in archieves) saying (Ramachandra Prabhuji without taking UR permission i
am quoting your words, pls. pardon me) :

// Quote//
"With real surrendering to Lord Krishna, the question of 'duality' doesn't
arise.When Hari occupies our heart, we perceive Him in words and deeds. We
nomore see "One God," and we perceive "Only God." This is what Advaita
Philosophy in nutshell.   Sri Sankara Bhagawatpada  demonstrates this principle
through Bhaja Govindham.
When the heart is filled with Love and Divinity, the human attitude changes and
the Atman (human soul) merges with the Brahman. This is Advaita!
Finally, learning is a life-long process. We don't know when we began our
process of learning and we will never know the end of this process.
Consequently, faith became necessary to make us to believe all that we don't
see. With strong convictions in our faith, we can see what we believe.This is
the Prasad that we are looking for. The Prasad is offered by the Lord and it is
not given if we ask for. The Prasad will certainly come when He decides to give!
None of us are capable to clear your doubts and it is up to the Lord to clear
your doubts. The best strategy for all of us is to request the Lord to clear our
doubts including the doubts on Advaita.It is possible for you to establish your
strong faith by adoring to discipline, restraining your impulse to jump into
conclusions and wait until the Lord clears your doubts. When ignorance is
present, we will have doubts regarding everything including the philosophies
(advaita, dwaita or visitadwaita) of life. With His Grace, we will have wisdom
and all doubts will melt away! This is Shankara's Advaita Philosophy!

Is this true?? Is this the way this list members marching  towards??  Though it
was addressed to me directly, i think its quite relevant to the ongoing thread.
Does these arguments & debates based on textual knowledge anyway help us to
progress in our spiritual path?? tho it's been providing lot of intellectual
food to our brains, i dont think we could extract an iota of bliss out of it.  I
personally feel that I have gained lot of exposure to advita philosophy by
reading some of the postings from Vidyashankar prabhuji, Jaldhar prabhuji, Anand
Hudli prabhuji (especially your postings on Advita Siddhi- each posting i am
reading  several times but still could not able to grasp it coz of my dark
ignorance in Ad. Phil. & some pre-occupied delusions over it).  If at all we
want to discuss/debate/ argue something called philosophy,  i think it can be
done within the purview of "Hindu Dharma" Is there any necessity for us to show
the magnanimity of Ad.Phil.(or any other phil. of Hindu dharma for that matter)
to other religions (in this case Baudha Dharma). Dont U think "TRUTH" sits far
away from these type of futile controversies, mundane conflicts with other
religions?? (pls. excuse me if i am using term *religion* in a wrong way!!)
Debates/ arguments are O.K. till V R not the victims of "Jnana-Aham" and strayed
in "Shastraaranya" (Alasyam amrutam visham).  Evenafter we find our path for
realisation, debating on other religions and paths are nothing but sense
gratification ( this is what Srila Prabhupadji used to say).  Let me quote here
from Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna Parama Hamsa, i think its not out of context here
(now I have become a big fan of him - still i have not come to the status of his

The Master Said:

"A devotee thinks of God as he sees Him.
In reality there is no confusion about God.
God explains all this to the devotee
if the devotee only realises Him somehow."

"If a jug of water is enough to remove my thirst,
why should I measure the quantity of water in the lake?
I become drunk on even a half a bottle of wine -
what is the use of calculating the quantity of liquor
in the tavern? What need is there of knowing the Infinite?"

I take this opportunity to express my heart-felt gratitude to :
01.  Vidya Prabhuji - All his postings
02.  Jaldhar Prabhuji- His reply to Subramani - Re:Shraaddam & Re:Kathopanishad
03.  Anand Prabhuji - Advita Siddhi
04.  Himanshu Prabhuji - Practical Hints on meditation & clarification on
Titereya Upanishad
05.  Indradeva Prabhuji- Sharing his exp. on enlightenment

I think something of this order would really help a lot to the neophytes like


Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

bhaskar y.r.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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