Antiquity of Advaita Vedanta

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>> >"To think of self or the not-self is not the truth. They're
>> >discriminated by the confused" - NAgArjuna in MahAyAna Vimshaka.
>> >
>> >Here itself your argument stands invalidated. Please learn to
>> >distinguish between the HinayAna and the MahAyAna.
>>  On the contrary, the statement from nAgArjuna proves the non-self
>>  theory. He is saying that we should not even think of self or
>> non-self
>>  (Atman or anAtman) because it is irrelevant. This is precisely the
>>  point of Buddha, not because the self exists but because it doesn't,
>>  according to him.
>That is patently wrong. Buddha NEVER answers the question of whether
>the self exists or not. He considered it avyakrta, undescribable.

 Pray, tell us sir where he said this.

 Your remark reminds me of a saying which goes: After listening to the
 Ramayana all night, a person asked "what is the relationship between
 Rama and Sita?" Read the few messages in this thread since Saturday.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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