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missing parts were:

These parts are interesting:


saptame gaura-varna-visnor ity aena sva-saktya
caikyam etya pratar avatirya saha svaih sva-manum siksayati.
In the Atharva-Veda Purusa-Bodini-Upanisad, it is said:

"In the seventh manvantara, in the beginning of the Kali-Yuga, the Supreme
Personality of Godhead will, accompanied by His own associates, descend in
a golden form to the earth. He will teach the chanting of His own names." (
8 )

and 2.

itotham krta sannyaso'vatarisyami sa-guno nirvedo
niskamo bhu-girvanas tira-atho' lakanandayah kalau
catuh-sahasrabdhopari panca-sahasrabhyantare
gaura-varno dirghangah sarva-laksana-yukta isvara-
prarthito nija-rasasvado bhakta-rupo misrakhyo
vidita-yogah syam.
In the Atharva Veda, the Supreme Person says:

I will descend on the earth after the passage of four thousand years in the
Kali-Age, [kalau catuh sahasrabdhopari] and before the passsage of five
thousand years [panca sahasra abhyantare].

I will come on the earth on the bank of the Ganges, [tira-sthah
alakanandayah]. I will be a tall and saintly Brahmana devotee. I will have
all the auspicious symptoms of an exalted person [dirghangah sarva-laksana-

I will exhibit renunciation. I will have all auspicious signs. I will be a
devotee, practicing bhakti yoga. I will taste the rasa of My own devotional

and 3.

tathaham krta sannyaso bhu-girvano 'vatarisye
tire'lakanandayah punah punah isvara-prarthitah sa-
parivaro niralambo nirdhuteh kali-kalmasa-kavalita-
janavalambanaya. (11)
In the Sama Veda, the Supreme Lord says:

I shall come to the earth, accompanied by My associates, in a place by the
bank of the Ganges. I will advent to save the people who are afflicted and
devoured by the sins of the age of Kali. I will manifest as an avadhuta
Brahmana sannyasi.


If those passages belongs to veda and are correctly translated (i know very
little of it) who do you think was the real avatar of kali-age? I have
heard that former alvars are later fitted to prophecies. Is that possible
in this case too?

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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