Reason, Faith & Experience.

Vaidya Sundaram Vaidya_Sundaram at I2.COM
Wed Jun 28 19:25:51 CDT 2000

S.V. Subramanian wrote:

>But since I sense a resistance to even a move towards it,
>I have no problems withdrawing.

>>1.  I am unconvinced about the myopic definition of what is Shruti and
>>is not.

The resistance is not to the questioning itself, but to the questioning
with the intent to ridicule - I apologize for perceiving your earlier
statement as an intent to ridicule - had you included the words "in the
eyes of few others" it might have been clearer!

>>3.  Experience versus handed down knowledge

"Srimad Sureshvara says in his Naishhkarmyasiddhi that
reasoning can only tell what the self is _not_ but not what it is
(2.96). Non-duality can be known only be "attainment" of the self."

I have quoted from a previous post as an answer to your point 3 - handed
down knowledge (or Shruti/smriti/guru's teachings etc) can be used as tools
and fact for reasoning - for being able to clearly distinguish between the
eternal and the transient (nityAnitya vastu viveka) - only. What you do
with the result of your reasoning is up to you. Ultimately, having faith in
the guru's teachings and following the path he lays down (or his
instructions founded on Shruti) along with firm understanding rooted in
sound reasoning is what will set you up for "liberating" yourself through

Please do find time go through the archives of the list - this topic has
been discussed before -
Specifically, I would refer you to one post:
if you feel like mentioning/debating something not in the archives already,
feel free to do.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

p.s: I am in no stretch of imagination a founder of this list - that credit
goes to Ravi who so diligently started & ran this list as sole
administrator/moderator from the earlier site, and to Jaldhar who currently
hosts our list; this list is where it is due to them and due to the other
heavy weights we have here - I am as much an indebted member as you and as
any one else!

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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