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Shri Vaidyaji wrote:
The resistance is not to the questioning itself, but to the questioning
with the intent to ridicule - I apologize for perceiving your earlier
statement as an intent to ridicule - had you included the words "in the
eyes of few others" it might have been clearer!

How could I have ever done that !  I do respect the knowledge of members in
this list.  If I didn't I would not be wasting my time here, trying to
criticize.   Anyway since there are no hard feelings, I presume I can

Shri Vaidyaji wrote:
"Srimad Sureshvara says in his Naishhkarmyasiddhi that
reasoning can only tell what the self is _not_ but not what it is
(2.96). Non-duality can be known only be "attainment" of the self."
Please do find time go through the archives of the list - this topic has
been discussed before -
Specifically, I would refer you to one post:

I am quite happy to have read the listings on tarka and faith.  They are
quite in consonance with what I have been thinking.  When one reads
postings, the high ideal described in that thread are sometimes not apparent
and hence one questions the rationale, assumptions etc.  If the members are
cognizant of the ideal nature of tarka as detailed in the archives, I have
no case to contest.

The part on faith is good.  My obsession with "knowing the process" is a
little tamed now.  The "process of faith" can be understood only by
practising and not standing still and questioning.  Right ?

Shri Vaidyaji wrote:
if you feel like mentioning/debating something not in the archives already,
feel free to do.

I will try to enumerate things that I feel might have been missed out (or
would like to communicate as this will be my last posting):

1.  Regarding Reason:  Mind is a bundle of thoughts.  It is a
self-sustaining system and its process of sustenance is reason.  As long as
reason is prevalent, mind is alive.  As long as the mind is alive, it only
serves as an "Avarana" and hence for the annihilation of mind reason has to
be overcome.  The only purpose of reason in the path of spirituality is to
reason within oneself that reason cannot be an instrument to comprehend
reality ie., reason to kill reason.  This is my considered opinion.

[ Irrational behaviour of many God-realized men towards their disciples also
has this objective ie., to destroy the dependency of the disciples on reason

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