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Dear friends,

It has been three years now since I first met Shankara's philosophical
teachings through an international school (the Study Group) that propogates
Advaita and also other practical philosophies among which the Platonic
traditions stand out.

My country is just a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea
between Sicily and North Africa where the typical lifestyle of the layman
is continuously struggling to be/feel more European.  I graduated in
Psychology in 1999 and started reading post-grad in Philosophy with the
University of Malta from which I dropped out because of unhealthy
environments.  Now I wish to save enough money and master the German
language enough to go to Marburg University where I believe they have a
strong living tradition in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics.  I have just
turned twenty-two and still feel like I have all the time in the world to
take things with ease....unemployment effects (?)

Among my interests and priorities I hold the fundamental questions of "how
to live life to the full" and strive fot "quality" in whatever comes my
way.  I am almost completely committed to "contemporary research theatre",
to writing and daydreaming about a deserted island where I can spend the
rest of my living days under the shade of plam trees.  International
politics and social issues are also of great concern to me and until now
have managed to keep my optimism about a possible betterment of the world's
future.  Religion remains a hopeful answer and that is why I pursue
teachings such as shankara's.

On the whole I feel more inclined to mysticism rather than to
intellectualisms, even if the two may suit each other beautifully.
Shankara, the Buddha, Eckhart and other persons of spiritual stature remain
my lifetime embodiment project.  My only hope is to have the courage and
inspirational sustenance to be humble, persevering and lighthearted enough
to recognise mySelf in TrueAction, TrueSpeech and TrueThought.



bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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