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Fri May 5 23:18:58 CDT 2000

What is the ultimate purpose of human life ?
Some say that it is realisation that we are absolute
But  according to advaita this world and Jivas in it
is an illusion .Prakriti never existed .
So isnt it that our becoming one with brahman also an illusion?
Because "We" are actually non existing.Only brahman is existing
who is eternally free.So who is the one who gets knowledge as there
is no one except brahman?
So isnt it true that all philosophies including that of  even the purest
is limited by human intellect which is non existant and isn't it so that
advaita is also an illusion?
And even when we know that it is futile effort to put in words or even
out something which is  beyond reason how much are this philosophies true?
Some say that till the rise of true knowledge of brahman we must accept this
as true that means that the only way we can describe brahman is "neti
neti".just that much
there cannot be i feel any other way to express brahman.

Sometimes I feel that  I get entangled in this intelluctual gymnastics.there
seems to be no
answer especially when I try to think how different ways of religion like
etc are related.Please advise


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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