New member introducion: Bhaskar Y.R.

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Sat May 6 08:20:50 CDT 2000

HI, Jaldhar Prabhuji and all members of Advaita-L

At the out set let me tell you that I have been interacting with Mr. Jaldhar H.
Vyas prabhuji on some philosophical topics.  O.K. As far as my back ground and
introduction are concerned, I shall take your permission to put it in a
different style :

I came to this physical sheth some 32 years ago, my parents called this male
body as "Bhaskar"  and grown in India, Bangalore & I fed my mind some commercial
knowledge (alumni of Bangalore University)  to earn bread to feed my / my
family's Annamaya Koshas.  This body has wife and a kid, works in a MNC as an
accounts personnel.  ( sorry, atleast in this spiritual world I would not like
to identify myself with body and intellect), coming to religious beliefs, at
present i cannot pin point on anything, but let me tell you I have special
interest in ISKCON philosophy ( i think now some of the  members of Advaita -L
may turn their heads against me) nevertheless, i am developing special interest
in advaita philosophy after having discussions with Mr. Jaldhar.  As far as my
spiritual activities goes, I try to meditate every morning ( still in pratyahara
- dharana stage), I listen to bhajans, I do chanting HARE KRISHNA mantra
sometimes, I read Bhagavad Gita As It Is - by Srila Prabhupadji,  upanishads,
puranas & other philosophical books, i go to temples ( from ISKCON to Durga
mata), ashrams (ramana maharshi, ramakrishna paramahamsa, chinmaya mission), in
my leisure time attending discourses on various school of thoughts ( including
JK, rajaneesh), trying to discriminate between real and unreal (Nitya-Anitya
vastu viveka) trying to renunciate materialistic things mentally ( Ihamutra
Phala Bhoga Viraga) etc.etc. Finally i would like to make it clear that I am a
tyro, neophyte in spiritual path??? who is trying to put two different things at
a same place and at the same time ( I am discharging my duties being a Gruhasta
as well)  Hope I have not bored you.

Best & warm Regards to All
Hare Krishna

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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