An Open Letter to All - Part-II

V V S Mani vvsmani at EMIRATES.NET.AE
Fri May 12 11:14:59 CDT 2000

I have been reading with interest the various mails posted here-particularly
the ones sent by Mr. Bhaskar. I also have connections with ISKCON.I had
taken"Shelter" from HH Jayapataka Swami (Srila Acharyapad) 2 years ago. But
a few months later, I wrote a long letter to HH ShriShri Bharathi Thirtha
MahaSwamigal of Shringeri(our Kula Guru parampara) about all my confusions-
the mayavadic attacks by iskcon, etc. I got a reply from the principal
secretary with Blessings from HH JagadGuru and asking me to do
Sandhyavandhanam regularly and also to come over to Shringeri when coming to
India.I was not doing Sandhya most of the time then. I did not understand at
that time the implication but subsequently when I read the Golden words of
HH Shri Chandrasekara Bharathi Mahaswamigal(one of the greatest
JivanMukhthas of the century)and also Dhaivathin Kural, I understood that
Sandhya worship contains Karma, Bhakthi and Jnana in a capsule and it is the
worship of Supreme Brahman (with Gayathri manthra being Manthra Raja
-essence from the three vedas)
It is not that I have 'realised' anything- but a theoretical understanding.

Subsequently I had Manthropadesam from JagadGuru of Shringeri last May. The
Guruparampara is not an ordinary one -and each Guru in the parampara is a
Jewal beyond imagination.I cannot explain in words their greatness. I have
only read a few books about those Sages for me to comment anything.
I get various doubts on lines raised by Mr. Bhaskar and I feel it is the
Lord's arrangement for getting the answers for all these questions through
this forum. I really look forward to explanations from the verylearned
memebers of the forum on the various points raised by Shri. Bhaskar.
As I am to write some business management examns next week, i am trying to
read a bit and not going through the various points now.(subsequently I am
planning to go to India on a 3 week leave)
One point which irritates me is the statement that the worshippers of Lord
Shiva will become Nasthikas?? what is the meaning of this? i donot know so
many puranas and upanishads to quote etc. But did not Lord
RamachandraMoorthy do Prathishta of Shivalingam and did pooja for
Rameshvara?? what are we trying to state?I donot feel like writing any
further about this particular thing.

Interestingly, maybe on lines with fights in Bangalore iskcon(leading to
Guru aparaatha-many were disciples of Acharyapada but then left him), the
Sharjah iskcon(Shyamadesh yatra ) is going through bitter fighting-power
struggle etc. I was invited by my very close iskcon initiated devotee just
for prasadam yesterday night and there was terrific power struggle
-discussions till 2am?? other faction also had discussions elsewhere till 2
am or so?? Nothing to belittle iskcon movement- the kind of fostering of
bhakthi is terrific and may be unparalleled . Absolutely full regards for
all that. But why keep attacking other religious beliefs? no true advaitin
in my belief denies dwaitha, Visista dwaita etc. AT various stages , these
are all accepted , In fact I read in Dhaivathin kural and Golden words that
let us not keep speculating about Advaita- it is not something to be
explained- like sweeteness of jaggery- it has to be experienced- and we are
not qualified to march towards advaita as such. If The Lord Wills that we
get Advaita moksha/ Atma saakshatkaara, then it is upto Him.If and when we
get it, so be it.till then, let us keep doing bhakthi in whateversmall  way
we can.
Adi Shankara was such a visionary when he established the Aamnayas and
typical example is the Shringeri Mutt.
I beg to apologise if I have hurt anyones feelings.
Hare Krishna,

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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