An Open Letter to All - Part-II

Fri May 12 23:20:33 CDT 2000

Namaste Bhaskar-ji

Your mail was addressed only to the learned members of this list.  However I don't belong to that group.  

You made me feel like I've just attended a local Church sermon (not sure how it's like elsewhere).  Anyway, it will be nice if all opinions are made respectfully even if you don't like it or can't accept it.  I was associated with ISKCON and I found that it is not the place for me.  But Sri Prabhupad has inspired me in my earlier days and to that I am grateful.  But I had to move on since I no longer agree to his teachings.  But I don't go around bashing him whenever I get the chance.  

Understand Ignorance but do not misunderstand truth.  Best regards.  

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