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> Could members list some sources that give a bird's eye view of the life and
> works of
> 1. Shankarananda

The Sanskrit introduction to the Shankaranandi tika on the Bhagavadgita
gives some details on his life.  Swami Shankarananda Saraswati was the
predecessor of Swami Vidyaranya on the Shringeri Pitha.  As well as the
Gita tika, he wrote Dipikas on several Upanishads, a Brahmasutra vyakhya,
Puranaratna, and a work called Atmapurana.

> 2. Balakrishnananda

I don't know this one, sorry.

> 3. Apayya Dikshit

Revered as much as a saint as a scholar, Shri Appayya Dikshita is the
author of 104 works on all  branches of shastra.  Originally a Shaiva, (he
has commented on the Shaiva Vishishtadvaita interpretation of the
Brahmasutras by Shrikanth Shivacharya.) he later became an Advaitin.  His
chief Advaita works are Parimala the latest in the line of commentaries on
the Bhamati and Siddhantaleshasangrahah an introductory work that
summarizes all the adhikaranas of the Brahmasutra.  Two sources on his
life I've found are in Sanskrit,  Appayadikshitacharitram by Shri
Harinarayana Dikshita, and an English book called "Appayya Diskshita" by
N. Ramesan.

> 4. Gopalayatindra

A commentator on the Upanishads?

> 5. Narendra Puri

I don't know this one either.

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