Antiquity of Advaita Vedanta (was Re: An Open Letter to All)

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Wed May 17 13:55:23 CDT 2000

>From: Rajiv Malhotra <rajiv.malhotra at WORLDNET.ATT.NET>
>Madhyamika when properly understood is saying the same as Advaita
>Radical emptiness is that there is no-thing, which is that maya (as things)
>is unreal. (Unreal is in the same sense in both cases, i.e. relative and as
>mithya only.)

Please help me understand this better - my understanding is rather weak in
this matter.

Does not Madhyamika

1) Deny that an absolute exists and
2) Define what SunyatA is (i.e. the four fold negation)

>Radical fullness of Vedanta is also that nothing with any boundary (special
>or in time) is maya because the absolute is without boundaries.
>Nagarjuna deconstructed maya by attacking anything with boundaries. This
>DOES NOT APPLY to Brahman, which is a non-thing as per Vedanta.

AFAIK, he did deny the existence of an absolute - a must for Advaita. Is
this not what Gaudapada attacked in his karikas?


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