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Anand Hudli wrote:

One thing we must thank the ISKCONites and other VaiShNavas for is
the absolutely delicious, sAttvika food they serve in their temples. I have
eaten many excellent meals in Raghavendra Swamy Maths in Bangalore. The
ISKCON temple in Bangalore also serves some really delicious prasAda
after their weekend services. I have also heard that the ISKCON temple
in Juhu, Bombay serves " uniquely delicious" meals. When you eat at places
like the Raghavendra Swamy Math, usually, someone is singing kIrtans of
various dAsas in praise of Hari. It is a wonderful experience. Try it.
Then there are also good Udipi Krishna restaurants all over the
world. BhagavAn Hari has certainly blessed the VaiShNavas with the
art of cooking.

Dear Anand,

Sugar and ghee should be deposited in your mouth for the very enticing and tongue tingling statement made by you about the prasad given out in the Iscon Temple there. This immediately brought to me memory my recent visit to the Iscon temple in Chicago where we were given a treat of a platefull each of Puris and Sheera which we relished and enjpyed.Surely that was an invitation to all of us to visit that shrine once again .

Warm regards,


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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