Antiquity of Advaita Vedanta (was Re: An Open Letter to All)

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 19 07:48:17 CDT 2000

Anand :
>Now, the moment the Bauddha says that the world is unreal, we have to
>ask the question "In what substratum do you negate the world?"

Anand, I don't think you've grasped what "unreal" means in either the
MAdhyamika or the Advaita.

The misunderstanding of the concept of mAyA is almost the singular reason
why there's been so much misunderstanding/arguments in Advaitam. MAyA
doesn't mean illusion in the normal sense. The world is the world we *know*.
MAyA shows that this *knowing* is not as valid as we believe it to be. And
this is done on the base of reason - knowledge being critical on itself. So
it is purely intellectual - it is jnAna as the means. Knowledge eats itself
up and what is left is ... (while the VedAntin on the strength of the shruti
says it is brahman, the MAdhyamika prefers silence).

As the sphotavAdin Bhartrhari says there can be no thought without language
and vice versa. Language and thought are inseperable. MAyA is the theory
which shows why language/thought/reason are themselves the veil, which
covers us from the truth.
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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