Buddhism etc.

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at COMCO.COM
Fri May 19 08:42:42 CDT 2000

Dear All,

 From what I understand:

1) Should one learn buddhism or buddhist scriptures to understand

No. Our achaarya-s do not think so. (Nanda if I am wrong please
quote a work). You may want to do this only if you are interested
in publishing papers and books.

2) Do we have something to learn from buddhism for the practice
of our religion?

No. Our achaarya-s do not think so.

3) Do we need anything at all from buddhism to attain

No. Our achaarya-s do not think so.

At all levels we do not need it. Then why do we bother about it
anyway! If at all, I think it is more fruitful to look at other
schools of vedAnta like vishishhTaadvaita and dvaita for any
useful comparisons (in practice and philosophy).

Also Nanda's contention that one should read mAdhyAmika shaastram
to understand mAyA is incorrect. If we read the works of our
AchArya-s and teachers in our tradition that is enough. If
someone does not understand mAyA as used in advaita-vedAnta
texts simply means that he or she has not devoted enough time
reading the texts.

And  we should take up works like upadeshasaahasri,
vivekachuuDaamaniH, shankara's bhaashhya-s and study them in this
list to rectify it.

My 2c. Please feel free to correct me.

With love and respects to all,


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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