Antiquity of Advaita Vedanta (was Re: An Open Letter to All)

Rajiv Malhotra rajiv.malhotra at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon May 22 18:08:28 CDT 2000

We have always considered language to be the pinnacle of Human achievement
and the royal road to understanding.  This is why so much effort was put
into Grammar, linguistics and the like.  In fact for Bhartrahari, Kaunda
Bhatta etc.  language _is_ the means of liberation.

Yes. But language to them is not simply mental. Subtler realms of language
include para-vac. Before one says something, there is the mental idea of it
(be it unconscious or conscious). Even subtler than that mental realm is the
causal realm where it is still potential and without form. Beyond that even
is para-vac, the logos from where it all begins. So yes, language is
ultimate, but that is beyond the ordinary conceptual language.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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