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> shrii sha~nkara is referring to the story of satii
> ahalyA in the raamaayaNa. ahalyA was cursed by her
> husband Sage goutama to become a rock. When shrii
> raama touched that rock with His feet, the rock came
> back to life. That, is the power of the Divine Feet of
> the Lord.

Few years back one of my friends asked me whether stones and rocks also
have a soul. I was about to say no, but fortunately this incident
flashed in my mind. It is not so correct to say a body or a rock
possesses a soul. It is actually the other way. The suuxma shariram can
identify itself based on its paraarabdha karma with any sthuula object.
It can be a rock or a human body. This misidentification leads the soul
to suffer with the states of the sthuula it is identifying with. In
bhagavatam we see that souls can identify themselves trees and suffer
that state.


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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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