Ganesha Prayer

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RUDRA <rudra at SINGNET.COM.SG> wrote:

<<<May I know please in which scripture can we find the following
Ganesha prayer?

srI vakratunda mahAkAya
sUryakOdi samaprabha
nirvignam kurumE dEva
sarvakAryEshu sarvadA


This is the very first verse in the shrI-veda-pada-stava on Lord
chidambaresha, composed by Jaimini maharshhi.

<<<Normally before any auspicous events it is customary to recite this
prayer to Sri Ganesha.  May I know when did this practice start?  Is
it necessary to invoke Ganesha before beginning any undertakings in
advaita sampradAya?  And other related info will also be appreciated.

Yes, in the advaita sampradAya gaNesha is always worshiped before any
undertaking. gaNesha is also part of the pa.ncAyatana pUjA. You can
search for an excellent article written by Anand Hudli in the


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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