Last message before leaving for India

Anand Hudli anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jul 6 14:24:38 CDT 2001

This will be my last message before I leave for India, with a
one-way ticket. I have very much enjoyed being a member of the list.
And I have learnt a lot from other members. Once I get back to India,
I am planning to continue  a lot of unfinished work on the advaita-siddhi
and the Rudram. To me India is the holy land, where jyotirlingas are
worshipped, the land sanctified by contact with the lotus feet of
the Parabrahman  who took birth as dAsharathi and vAsudeva, the
land of sanAtana dharma based on the Vedas themselves.

Reflecting on my stay in the US for more than a decade, there are
a few things that I am taking back with me from this great nation.
These most certainly include an optimistic and less skeptical outlook
(despite the cooling economy), an appreciation of hardworking and
self-made people rather than people who inherit good things from
their ancestors, and a love for the all-American apple-pie!

With best wishes,


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