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This is how I (re)introduced myself to my long-lost batchmates from IITM
and IIMA when the then eGroups thing got going:

The family is one wife, one daughter and one son. We came to Liège in
Belgium from New Delhi in 1992.  Soumya, 23 finished the equivalent of an
undergraduate in business from Liège University and works with Ernst &
Young in Brussels. Aditya, 20 is doing engineering at Liège University.
Vijaya swishes around a hard-core Belgian milieu draped in sari and
'pottu' (bindi) inviting the comment that she is a walking advertisement
for her country. To those who would hear her she explains the fine points
of a great culture. As for me, I am researching longevity using the
principle of the Middle Path :start from the middle and proceed towards
both ends. The professional side of me is scampering around like a
25-year-old growing a young business; the private side of me is
contemplating the meaning of Advaita.
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On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Vidyasankar wrote:

> Dear friends,
> The Dwaraka Shankaracharya Matha now has an official website. Check
> .

Not to dredge up an old argument but did you notice they uses the 2509 BC
date for Shankaracharya?

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