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>>On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Vidyasankar wrote:
>>(quote from Sadananda)
>>>  >Yesteday Shreeman S.M.S. Chari mentioned in his lectures that the
>>>  >word Maya and nirguNa each one occurs only ones in the upanishat -
>>He's wrong, at least if his own tradition be believed.  There is also the
>Shrisha Rao
>Thanks for your input.  I think I had clarified in my next post,
>perhaps in advaitin list, Shreeman Chari's statement pertains to the
>use of the word Maya in the context of how Bhagavan Shankara used in
>the advaita doctrine.  In the other places where maya occurs he
>contends that its usage is not in the same sense. In the advaita,
>maaya equated essentially as prakr^iti, with triguNaatmika and with
>aavarana and vikshepa shakti and it becomes upaadhi of Iswara for
>the creation.   In that sense it is usage occurs only once that is
>in the Swetaaswatara Up. and even there also contextually if one
>examines, it is not exactly the same, says Shreeman Chari.
>He also mentions, of course, given the adviatic position that
>Brahman alone is real as sat, one has to bring in Maaya to account
>for the appearance of jada prakR^iti/ jagat. In that case it becomes
>shrutit based anupalabdhi pramaaNa, rather than direct shruti
>pramaaNa. Nothing wrong in the use of anupalabdi and  all achaaryas
>have used in some context or the other to justify their doctrine.
>I give a benefit of doubt to Shreeman Chari's statement before I
>accept or reject it.
>Hari Om!
>K. Sadananda
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K. Sadananda
Code 6323
Naval Research Laboratory
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Voice (202)767-2117

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