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>but surely, when Sankaracharya has quoted certain upanishads (even though
>they are not one of the 10 principal upanishads), like the paingala
>upanishad or the jabala upanishad, it should be given more weight, since
>he is anterior to the other commentators, unlike Sri Madhvacharya who was
>born 400 years or more after Sankaracharya. Is there any interpretation
>or commentary to the paingala upanishad (which mentions adhyaropa
>apavada) from the vishishtadvaita or dvaita side?

As I understand, Ramanuja religiously quotes in his Shreebaashhya all
the references that Shankara has referenced in his bhaashhya.  This
is in fact required and expected when one is refuting the other's
theory which has been prevalent at that time.

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