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Venkataramani K. wrote:

> I have heard that Advaita philosophy has its basis in Rg veda. Can somebody
> kindly point me to the verse and also give some insight into this?
> Thank you and regards,
> Venkataramani K.

Almost whole of RigVeda can be said to be basis of Advaita. It is diffused,
and not concentrated exposition like in Upanishads.
You will require some help in deciphering the mantras, unless you know
the methods already.
I gave a series of postings During July 2000 onwards on our Advaita List
"RigVeda and Indian Systems of Approach to the One "
which you may like to consult.

One simple minded approach would be to simply search all the mantras
starting with aham or containing word like  aatmaa  to short list the
mantras of interest (though I do not recommend that). That would leave
out many important suuktas.

RigVeda is a vast ocean of knowledge and I am like a boy standing on
the shore and watching the waves *near* me. Still I may suggest the
following suuktas as begining :

I-160 (I-22-4) diirghatamas  dyaavap.rthivii
I-164 (I-22-8)      "                    vi"svedevaa.h (this is almost like an
I-118(I-17-3) kak.siivaan   a"svinau  (seed of Ma.ndukya Up.)
I-115(I-16-10) kutsa.h  suurya
I-116(I-17-1)   kak.siivaan  a"svinau

I-49 (I-9-6) praska.nva  u.saa.h
I-50  (I-9-7)      "              suurya
I-35  (I-7-5)  hira.nyastuupa.h   raatri

I- 24 to I- 30 (I-6-1 to I-6-7)  "suna.h"sepa.h    various gods

II-12 (II-2-1)  g.rtsamada.h   indra.h
II-23 (II-3-1)           "          brahma.naspati
II-28 (II-3-6)           " 
II-33 (II-4-1)           "           rudra.h

Almost whole of Mandala III  (vi"svaamitra)

IV-40 (IV-4-8) vaamadeva.h  suurya
IV-3-5                     "     indra.h aatmaa    (aha.m manurabhavan .....)

VII-103    ma.ndukaa.h (a totally misunderstood suukta)

VIII-100 (VIII-10-7)   indra.h

X-34  ak.saa.h
X-71  j~naanam
X-85  suuryaavivaaha
X-117  dhanannadaanam
X-119 indra.h
X-121  ka.h
X-125  aatmaa (vaak)
X-127   raatri
X-129   naasadiiya

Well, as I said before almost whole of RigVeda!

Best wishes,
-- Himanshu

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