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Thu Apr 4 21:21:55 CST 2002

>A small suggestion, is it possible to give a list of major
>works in each system at the end of each article? If known
>publications are given it will be very useful.
>Just a suggestion, but follow your convenience.

The traditional main works of each system are mentioned in the introduction
of each system itself.

But if you're talking about modern/popular translations/works etc, the same
was suggested by Vidya Jayaraman to me. Yes, sure I think it would be pretty
useful. But my knowledge is this area is good only in certain schools I've
personal interest in - the exposition of the rest of the schools are
primarily based on popular works on Indian Philosophy.

So two requests in this regard :

1. I would appreciate it if knowledgable members would help me compose a
bibliography on each school.

2. I would also appreciate it if somebody could take the responsibility of
compiling all this bibliographical feedback school wise - one or more people
could join in this enterprise.

The site is neither mine nor Vishal's, but for all people interested in
Indian philosophy. And right from the start I've always opened it up for
public participation - anybody with the knowledge can enhance existing
articles or even contribute new articles. So consider it as a public
repository for those interested in the subject and help setup a useful site.

Many thanks,

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