Shankaracharya on Ramana Maharshi

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 6 22:23:08 CST 2002

AFAIK, Sri Chandrashekara Sarasvathi, the former pontiff of Kaanchi
Kaamakoti Peedam, fully acknowledged Ramana's enlightenment - Kaanchipuram
and Thiruvannaamalai are both in TamilNadu in southern India and hence it
was this Sankaraachaarya who was geographically closest to him.

Paul Brunton in his famous book on India, notes that it was the Kaanchi
pontiff himself who though turned down Brunton's request to accept him as a
disciple, still referred him to Ramana as one who was fully enlightened.

I've heard another instance that when the Kaanchi pontiff was in
Thiruvannamalai and just by looking at a place where Ramana was said to have
resided, confirmed that it had undoubtedly been inhabited by a jeevanmuktha.

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