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One of the namaa-s in shrii lalitaa sahasranaama is kuuTastha. This
name is explained very nicely -- from various points of view -- by
shrii bhaaskararaaya. Some of the points of view are a) deception b)
ignorance c) iron anvil d) multitude of universes e) panchadashi
(trikuuTa) f) gate of a city.

Please refer to this -- if you are interested.


(this is in the context of some of the messages, which were discussing
this name)

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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Srikrishna Ghadiyaram Wrote:
> Some time ago, I too felt that I should have learnt
> the Vedas under some unexplicable emotion; rather when
> I hear that this Vedic knowledge is endangered, as if
> I am going to save it. But I realized it was not "I"
> who can do it, the Supreme has His plans for it. It is
> for me to use my time effectively to learn the
> essentials at first and get into a more contemplative
> life style, withdrawal and identify my own attachments
> and get over those short comings. In my view they are
> more important than at first emotionally deciding to
> learn Samhitas. After all the Goal is Realisation not
> memorisation of Samhitas.

Under the topic "Veda Rakshanam" in "Deivathin Kural" (Hindu Darma\
) of HH ChandraShekarendra Saraswati Swamigal, HH explains how important vEda rakshaNam is and how bramhans have gone away from
their basic duty of vEda aDHyayanam and rakshaNam. I've a question on   this.  Will vEdas & vEdic knowledge ever be endangered ? If so,
can we attribute this to kali yuga ? Is it not simply the  cyclic
process thats employed by parabhramhan in which at any particular
point of earth time, how well the vEdas & vEdic knowledge are made
use of and being protected can/will always be a function of some
variable as defined by Him (which we may/do not know) ? Should we
 really be concerned that we've lost so many shAKas because
of some reason ? Is it not that though we take up this process of
vEda rakshaNam, still its just His plan to make those shAkAs
available under the category "only these shAkAs are available today
and we've lost everything else" for us ? Kindly remove my
 agnAna/avidyA on this line of thinking as I've been thinking like this for quite some time.

> I also read Malayala Swami saying that it is good to
> live for one year in an asram before taking Sanyasa.
> It seemed practical to me. We have a scope to evaluate
> ourselves, and do not do things out of a temporary
> mental situation.
> Swadharma is not a matter of Sanyasa or otherwise.
> Yes, one has to do present duties and confirm to
> Sanyasa dharma too if adopted.

> I guess it is upto ones scheme of evaluation or
> evolution of mind.

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