Shankaracharya on Ramana Maharshi

D.V.N.Sarma narayana at HD1.VSNL.NET.IN
Mon Apr 8 19:22:22 CDT 2002

Correction. The agama passage is 'haragaurii samyoge
avacchaayaa yogah'.


On 9 Apr 2002, at 5:00, List for advaita vedanta as t wrote:

> To put a stop to this discussion I would like to inform the list
> members that Puri Sankaracharya visited Ramanasrama at
> Tiruvannamalai and sat at the feet of Ramana to learn the
> meaning of the agama passage "haranaarii samyogae avacchaayaa
> yogah'. Ramana did not teach him by word but by simply inducing
> in the Sankaracharya the experience pertaining to the agama
> passage. The Sankaracharya with tears rolling down his cheeks
> acknowledged that he now understood.
> Those people who are interested in the incident will find it in the
> Letters from Ramanasrama by Suri Nagamma.
> regards,
> Sarma.

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