Shankaracharya on Ramana Maharshi

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Tue Apr 9 03:15:52 CDT 2002

Vidyasankar wrote:

> >I think we should ignore such articles. After so much of ink and paper
> >is wasted, there are people who still confuse between Knowledge (big K)
> >and knowledge gained from books.
> Daveji, perhaps you are right, and I used to think it best to ignore too.
> However, I think we should speak up against the misappropriation and the
> misrepresentation of the term Advaita by people who do not have the first
> clue about Advaita, as they are apt to easily mislead other sincere people.
> That is my biggest complaint about publications like WIE.
> Regards,
> Vidyasankar

Yes, you are right, but I think we should have a well thought out,
plan for this "highjacking" of things Indian. While doing so, instead of
ourselves in very narrow groups, search out common ideas and work together.
Keeping the essential character  of Indian approach to religious, spiritual
philosophical matters, like openness, tolerence, etc. we can still insist on
minimum adherence to tradition and fundamental concepts.
I do not know who will do this or how we can do this. Perhaps other list
have something to say.

I am quite innocent in such matters, but, for example, can a group, properly
consituted, copy-right the word "Advaita"?  Can our dharmacharyas, e.g.
Shankaracharyas,  announce exactly what is (and what is not) Advaita Vedanta?
Or, some kind of "Open University" where a Vedantin can establish his/her
capability and credentials by say, submitting a Dissertation (in the old
of PrasthanaTrayii)?

Recently in India, one cooking salt manufacturer marketed its product
under the name "Dandi Salt" alluding to the Dandi march of Mahatma Gandhi.
There was some objections raised to this, but after some time things were just

forgotten. The "Dandi Salt" still sells.

I said "ignore it" because unless we have some kind of mechanism (if it is
desirable to have it) in place or we start actively in that line, it is best
to ignore it.

As I was curious, I read the interview of Swami Dayananda published at the
site. I feel that his words are being misreported. The most charitable view we
take is that the Interviewer did not understand what Swamiji was saying.

-- HImanshu

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