ReP Yajnavalkya

Erik Mossel largo at PLANET.NL
Thu Apr 11 04:14:58 CDT 2002

Sri Ganeshaya Namah!

Thanks to Jaldhar and  Vidyashankar for their clarifying info in Atma Purana.

For those whose interest is awakened, I would bring the following to attention.

Shankara's disciple Suresvara's vartika's on the Brihandaranyaka Upanishad
have been translated to English in several volumes. The editors are Shuon
Hino and K.P. Jog. There is the sanskrit text  with translation and
commentaries bij the editors. The whole series will consist of twelve
volumes and are published by Motilal Banarsidass  and are part of the
Advaita Tradition Series.

Recently I bought Vol. 10, being the vartika on Yajnavalkya's dialogue with
Arthabhaga. This edition was published in 1999.

Hari Om!

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