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> vaidya
> Probably you can express (what you intend to convey) in the above by
> better words. Using your same analogy, if karma is like the soap then
> upasana is like water. Just karma alone will lead one to blinding
> darkness and the upasana alone will lead to even greater darkness. The
> ignorant should use them both to overcome death and attain amRtattva.

Thanks for these words Ravi.
I was once listening to a discourse on the Bhagavatam when Sri Anantarama
Dikshidhar said: to remove karma (the actual effect of past actions) one
needs karma; but the remove the vasanas that will cause one to do it again,
one needs upasana. So you are absolutely right; one with out the other is
fairly slow, but together, they are greater than the sum of the parts.

However, please correct me if I am wrong here, I think both of them will
still lead one to only a state of chitta suddhi. Not jnana. One will still
need to be dedicated to the pursuit of the jnana that will actually cut the
veils of ignorance ... right?

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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