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On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Ashish Chandra wrote:

> That is what I was doubting i.e. can swadharma and following the lead of
> your ancestors the same or do they differ, as they most certainly do in my
> case. Swami Chandrashekharendra Sarasvatiji teaches through his book that
> we must follow the dharma of our ancestors. So I was just thinking that
> since Vedas have not been studied in my line for quite some time, has my
> swadharma changed.

This is a dilemmna any ethical person and culture has to face.  What do
you do when those with responsibility shirk it?  For instance what if you
are a soldier and you are commanded to take part in some atrocity?  Do you
follow your orders or your conscience?  Or as more often is the case what
if you are not sure if it is an atrocity?

Such questions often come up in the Mahabharata.  Arjunas' central
question to Krishna Bhagawan is this.  "These are my brothers, teachers,
and friends.  Why are you asking me to kill them?"  Or take Bhishma.
Despite knowing in his heart that the Pandavas are correct, he ends up on
the side of Duryodhana.  His reasons are fascinating reading.
Unfortunately beause the Mahabharata is so long, most editions cut a lot
out and these "all talk no action" segments frequently get chopped so they
are not as well known.

Do your community believe there was a Brahman ideal they have fallen from
or do they think there way of life is how they have always lived?  That's
the central question to ask I think.

> Of course, if one takes the view that those who deviated
> from their swadharma in the past erred in doing so (or were pushed into
> giving up their swadharma), can it be said that those errors can be
> corrcted now?

Errors can always be corrected.  Time is like a wheel it revolves
endlessly.  There are good times and bad times which may result in a
tendancy to good deeds or bad deeds  but there is never a time when you
don't have a choice.  Some choices may lead to Heaven and some to Hell but
even Heaven and Hell aren't permanent.  After fullfilling its' reward the
soul continues on its' way doing deeds and making choices.

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