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On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Shrinivas Gadkari wrote:

> Namaste,
> What does absolutely real mean ? "World exists out there, independent
> of me, the observer" is an hypothesis that can never be proved.

I believe what the Shaivas mean is that the world-appearance is a direct
transformation of Sadashiva not a false superimposition as Advaitins
believe.  A similiar theory of the Bhagavatas (Vaishnavas) is criticized
in the Brahmasutras.

> Talking about advaita as is commonly understood, there is a tendency
> to reject the world. Is this not somewhat surprising ?

One assumption that Vedanta makes is that samsara is the cause of
suffering.  If one is satisfied with the world as-is what does one need
philosophy for?  It turns out ignorance is rarely bliss.

> Consider the personalities that we adore : Shri Krishna, Bhagvan Rudra,
> Bhagvan Vishnu. They have not rejected the world. Everything known about
> them seems to suggest that they strive to understand the world instead
> of rejecting it. Ofcourse they understand the world in the advaitic way:
> "universe in me" and not "I in the universe".

Replace world with world-appearence and it makes more sense I think.  The
objective of Advaita Vedanta is to know the true nature of the universe
(that it is all Brahman) by rejecting false notions of it.

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