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> > Only one remark
> > Kashmir Shaivism treats the world as absolutely real and never mithya as
> > SAnkara advaita.
> >
> > Hemant
> "Absolutely real and not Mithya" would mean that the world exists
> of any basis (i. e. Shiva and Parvati). My understanding was that Kashmir
> Shaivism believed in illusory world, but I may be wrong, not being very
> studied it. I think any list member knowledgable in this line of thought
> clarify.
> Still my first  (mukhya) interpretation is independent of whether Kashmir
> Shaivism considers World as absolute reality or not.
> Best wishes,
> -- Himanshu

  ''Although Kashmir Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta both teach nondualism, the
non-dualism of Kashmir Shaivism is quite different from that of Advaita
Vedanta. Essential to this difference is Advaita Vedanta's proposition that
this universe is untrue and unreal, that it is a false projection of maya.
This theory is completely opposed to the Kashmir Shaiva theory of reality.
To counter this proposition Kashmir Shaivism argues that, if Shiva is real,
how could an unreal substance emerge from something that is real? If Shiva,
the ultimate essence of existence, is real, his creation must also be real.
For the Kashmir Shaiva this universe is just as real as its creator.''

 I hope this extract from the Kashmir Shaivism web-site will be found


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