Karana Sharira

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On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, ganesh ramchandran wrote:

>     I have heard that man's body is threefold, the
> sthula, the
> sukshma and the karana shariras. Sadasiva Brahmendra
> is said to have simultaneously shed each of these
> bodies in thee distant places. I understand that the
> first
> is the gross body and the second is the energy (prana)
> body
> surrounding the first in which the Kundalini lies and
> so on.
> Could others in the group shed light on what is the
> Karana sharira?

This is the "causal" body which is the sum of the effects of ones past
deeds it coalesces into prana and then further into a material body.

Another system of classification used in the shastras is of koshas or

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