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On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, riccardonova wrote:

> As a musician I am very much interested in the musical qualities of this
> text end his hipnotic and repetitive structure;

The stotra is in the standard Sanskrit metre called shloka.  It is simple
as Sanskrit metres go.  It has 32 syllables (as you probably know, in
Indian languages a letter is equal to a syllable.) divided into four feet
of 8 syllables.  Your musician friends no doubt know more than I do about
setting it to music.

> also the meditations on the
> meanig of the various manifestations/functions is helping me a lot
> inproving my spiritual life _

Yes the purpose of any sahasranama patha is to remind us of the infinite
nature of God.  Even a thousand times a thousand names cannot fully
describe Her nature.

> "Om Isvaryai namaha " _  I am therefore
> intrested in the musical implication of this text and in it's astonishing
> message for mankind -

Right now it is the Chaitri Navaratri.  This period is very important for
the worship of Mataji and music plays a big part.  I was listening to a CD
of Shankaracharyas' Mahishasuramardini stotra this morning.  It is a lot
more complicated work poetically than the Sahasranama and the rhythms put
me in an elevated mood all day.

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