Lalita Sahasranama

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>On Fri, 12 Apr 2002, riccardonova wrote:
>> As a musician I am very much interested in the musical qualities of this
>> text end his hipnotic and repetitive structure;
>The stotra is in the standard Sanskrit metre called shloka.  It is simple
>as Sanskrit metres go.  It has 32 syllables (as you probably know, in
>Indian languages a letter is equal to a syllable.) divided into four feet
>of 8 syllables.  Your musician friends no doubt know more than I do about
>setting it to music.

Actually I will put into music only the Namavali , it would be too long to
add also the stotram.

The Namavali is very interesting from number of syllables : 72 names has
sixteen syllables, 242 eight, 278 four, 138 three, 122 five, 34 six, 7
nine, 3 eleven, 3 twelve, 2 of seven sylables and three of a single
syllable. This will give a lot of different possibilities. Probably the
stotra has a more interesting poetical structure, but I feel much more
atracted by the austerity of the namavali .

Thanks a lot Jaldhar for your kind help


Riccardo Nova

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