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> On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, $)CHemant wrote:
> >   ''Although Kashmir Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta both teach nondualism,
> > non-dualism of Kashmir Shaivism is quite different from that of Advaita
> > Vedanta. Essential to this difference is Advaita Vedanta's proposition
> > this universe is untrue and unreal, that it is a false projection of
> > This theory is completely opposed to the Kashmir Shaiva theory of
> > To counter this proposition Kashmir Shaivism argues that, if Shiva is
> > how could an unreal substance emerge from something that is real? If
> > the ultimate essence of existence, is real, his creation must also be
> > For the Kashmir Shaiva this universe is just as real as its creator.''
> >
> >  I hope this extract from the Kashmir Shaivism web-site will be found
> > helpful.
> >
> which web site is this?  I would like to read more.
> An Advaitin rejoinder to the above is that an unreal substance is not a
> substance at all.  It is simply a faulty perception of the observer.  Just
> as the amn stumbling in the dark sees a snake where there is a rope.  We
> do not say the snake emerged from the rope.  If anywhere it emerged from
> the mans' thoughts.  Advaita Vedanta most emphatically does not say the
> world is unreal.  It is real but misunderstood and it is the lack of
> understanding which leads to the superimposition of false ideas like
> creation ad destruction.
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