Recordings of Veda-s from Veda Prasar Samithi

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Tue Apr 23 12:15:24 CDT 2002

Dear Members,

Veda Prasar Samithi (formerly known as Delhi Vedic Trust) undertook a
herculean task of recording veda-s as chanted traditionally in audio
format and preserve it for future generations. This is of such a great
importance, as learning veda-s is declining day by day. You can learn
about Veda Prasar Samithi and it  goals from

Now these audio cassettes are available in MP3-CD format to buy.
Consider this, their recording of kRShNa yajur veda is 29 - 90 minute
audio cassettes, now the same is available as 4 MP3 CDs.  They have

                Cassettes      MP3-CDs
Rig Veda            27            4
Krishna Yajur Veda  29            4
Shukla Yajur Veda   27            4
Sama Veda           32            4
Atharva Veda        14            2

Total              129           18

You can find more about the pricing of MP3-CDs at

Please note that each CD costs $35 and you should also bear in mind
that it contains almost 11 hours ( 7 to 8 - 90 minute cassettes).
Payment/donation should be sent by international pay order or cashier's

Recently I ordered the CDs from the samithi for KYV. And Sri Krishnanji
(founder member and President) was very kindto send me the CDs by DHL,
even though my Cashier Check payment is going to him slowly by ordinary
air mail. And quality of MP3 file are very good.

At some point or other members here expressed the desired to learn
veda-s. Till you find a teacher and get an opportunity to learn it
formally, at least you can listen and get yourself familar with the
text. Also through your donations you will help their noble cause.

Thank you.



ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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