The importance of sampradaya

riccardonova riccardonova at LIBERO.IT
Thu Apr 25 07:50:37 CDT 2002

>[was Re: New member introduction: B. Sandeep ]
>> Being a smarta myself (I don't
>> know how politically correct this sounds, but I don't think it makes a
>> difference),
>The difference it makes is sociological not philosophical.  Ideas cannot
>propogate themselves, they need people to carry them on.  To be a Smarta
>is to be part of that community dedicated to preserving the authentic
>Vedic teachings as explained by Shankaracharya.  Sure other people can
>get involved but it is our special mission and regardless of when
>"tourists" come and go, we will remain to keep this tradition alive.

Sorry but I do not understand what "Smarta" means, is a specific group of
people ? Are you a Smarta by birth ? Some time , being an european makes it
difficolt to follow the list discussions, does any body knows if a Vedanta
dictionary is available, is it possible to buy it online ? I think it would
be really necessary for people like me that get in contact with this
philosophy by far away, unfortunatly I don't know sanskrit and all my
previous education was in a totally different orientation. Any suggestions
would be very wellcome.



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