The importance of sampradaya

riccardonova riccardonova at LIBERO.IT
Tue Apr 30 05:25:21 CDT 2002

>You have received some suggestions for a dictionary.  May I also suggest
>finding if a local university has a course in Sanskrit?  I'm quite sure
>even in Italy you can find such things.  (In fact one of the most
>comprehensive studies of the Smarta sampradaya was written by a professor
>from Milan.)
>And if you come accross soe unfamiliar word on the list, just say "Hey,
>what does that mean?)  I doubt if anyone here would refuse to explain.

I have already ordered the John Grimes's dictionary, this should help quite
a lot.
Any way it was absolutly not my intention to ask to the members of the list
to avoid using Sanskrit.
I really understand the importance of the original lanquage specially for
indian philosophyes.
I am aware of the fact that the original "sound/word" will be one with the
I will follow your suggestions and before mastering Sanskrit I will say a
lot of "hey, what does that mean".

An intresting point is coming out from this exchange: what is the relation
between a word and and it's form in the reality - body and mind (
antahkarana ).

Name and form........the Sphota and it's manifestation...........

There is a relation between those concepts and the great importance given
to the original Sanskrit language in the process of learnig Vedanta ?


By the way "hey what's the meaning of sampradaya"..........:-))  :-))  :-))

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