The importance of sampradaya

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Tue Apr 30 08:44:27 CDT 2002

--- swamy swarna <swamyswarna at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> Dear Mr.Riccardonova,
> The approximate translation for 'Sampradaya' is
> 'Custom'. Pradaya also has a meaning of 'given' and
> Sampradaya could mean 'well given'. If we harmonise
> both the meanings, it could mean good customs, given
> by ancestors.

Namaste Swamy swarna,
May we add a little to this without subtracting from
what you have written.  There is an English word that
we rarely use nowadays...bestow...which could be a
transleation of Sanskrit Da as well as 'give'.
This word means to give with a blessing as in a
This meaning fits neatly with the sanskrit

Could we infiltrate this into your translation of
sampradaya to give, 'Good customs (tradition)and
blessing bestowed by ancestors (Holy Tradition)
directing the receiver towards union...'

Just a thought because the word 'give' has lost some
of its impact through its everyday usage.

Ken Knight

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