The importance of sampradaya/word and form

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--- riccardonova <riccardonova at LIBERO.IT> wrote:
> An intresting point is coming out from this
> exchange: what is the relation
> between a word and and it's form in the reality -
> body and mind (
> antahkarana ).

Namaste Riccardo,

Your question is so important because if we pay
attention the the sounds emerging from our mouths then
there is hope for understanding.

May I first pick up the use of 'reality' in your
question. I am not certain as to what you are
referring as being 'the reality.'

As a beginning, in answer to your question, may I
suggest that through the naming of that which is
observed we can either separate it from an overall
unity or seek to realise it in that unity. It depends
upon our point of view, our intention.
Through naming the observer and the observed are
connected and the speech on the tongue is but the
final step in the process.  Your reference to sphota
will confirm this and we may enquire into the meaning
of the verses from the Rg-Veda, 1.164-5:

'VAk was divided into four parts. Three parts, which
are hidden, mortals do not activate; the fourth part
they speak.'

The need for purity of language and the accuracy of
the grammar is that, without these elements being in
place, the flow of these four parts of VAk is broken.

As a result, as Confucius says, '...if what is said is
not what is meant, morals and art decay and the people
stand about in confusion.'

Hence the need for a spiritual language such a
Sanskrit being protected and held for future

I look forward to hearing from those more fluent than

Best wishes

ken Knight

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