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Namaste Sri Srivatsan,
  Welcome to the list.

--- Srivatsan G <srivatsang at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
<P>But the fact is that I am a Vadamal Iyer from Tanjore
and so are my parents!</P>
Hmmm...That may explain your name. Vadamaas are mostly
Vishnu worshippers.  In fact, they are the only group
within Iyers who have more of a Vishnu orientation ( there
is a theory that "vadama" refers to "northerners" and that
the vadamas migrated from near Mathura ).  Sri Ramanuja,
the preceptor of the Sri Vaishnava school was also a

<P>I have been told by my parents etc that Iyers worship
shiva as their main deity and my family shrine is 
that of Shiva( vaitheeswarn Koil ).</P>
Not necessarily. As Sri Jaladhar explained, a lot of it
depends upon family and local tradition. Thanjavur is a
strong saivite center, so it is not surprising that your
family has a saiva orientation. But, in Kancheepuram ( near
my native place ) I have found an equally strong vaishnava
orientation ( same for thiruchy which is right next to
sri rangam ).  In some places like "pazhani" etc., the
local Iyers are murugan bhaktas.  So, it is very hard to



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