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Namaste Again,

> May be I will take this opportunity to ask if
> any list memebers can shed some light on shiva
> sutras of panini. These are 14 verses with a
> peculiar arrangement of vowels and consonants.

Re the Bhartrihari books.  A excellent souce for
material is a book recording papers from a conference
on Bhartrihari held in Puna in 1992.  This is edited
by Saroja Bhate and Johannes Bronkhorst and is called
Bhatrihari, Philosopher and Grammarian. Pub. Motilal.

My bathtime reading at the moment is Kashmiri Shaivism
by Lakshmana Jee.  This is a series of lectures given
by him to his American disciple. It really is an
enumeration, beginning with the 36 tattvas. He then
sets out the whole structure in relation to Vac and
levels of consciousness.  At the end he explains why
advaita is incomplete. Like a Baul I once heard
singing " I am blind, I cannot see the darkness" I can
only say "I am blind, I cannot see the difference
between advaitin and Trika monism. Maybe I will
understand more anon.

Re. Panini's 14 verses on the vowels I can pick this
one up. In London there is a Dr. Stephen Thompson whom
I knew many many years ago before he went off to Puna
to study Panini and other things. Last week he was
mentioned to me when I was at the Vidya Bhavan as
being their expert on Panini and that I should contact
him re. questions on language.  I had been putting off
making the contact but your request gives me a valid
reason to call him.  I will come back if I have some
definite information

Back to the Lakshmana Jee (Joo)  topic.  I am going to
summarise his book diagrammatically for my own study
with my Sanskrit font.  I am not sure how this would
work e-mailing but could use snail mail if you are

Happy studies

ken Knight
> Thanks and best regards
> Shrinivas

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