Subrahmanian, Sundararaman V [IT] sundararaman.v.subrahmanian at CITIGROUP.COM
Fri Jul 12 14:22:14 CDT 2002

To make things easier for you, I can volunteer to write up the ITRANS of
Gita shlokas and SankarabhAshyam before every posting of yours.  You can
mention in your postings as to when (date) and on what (shloka number) the
next in the series would be and I will prepare the ITRANS and send it to you
offline.  You can fill up the translation and your comments in them.  I
understand commentary is the toughest part.  Atleast I can take away the
manual labour from you.  Only request, please schedule it to be no frequent
than twice a month.  Otherwise it might become very tight at my end.

Guru Poonima is on July 24, 2002.  May be a good time to start.


Sri Vidyasankar wrote:

But you do point out another valid concern about our discussions on this
list. Ravi has been mentioning it too, and that is that we must discuss the
textual matters more deeply, if only to assist our thoughts on such issues
as mithyAtva. I have been meaning to resume my effort at translating the
gItA commentary, but have been putting it off, due to work pressures. I'll
try to get the ball rolling on it soon.

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