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On Sun, 14 Jul 2002, S Jayanarayanan wrote:

> Interesting, but not unanswered! The answer is that
> there is no duality for the jIvanmukta.
> > What their feelings
> > would be to experience the duality while being
> > acutely
> > aware of the nondual world is for a "jivan mukta" to
> > say! I wonder if Sri Sri Sankaracarya has revealed
> > anything to in this regard. Maybe the experience is
> > hidden in his work, "Aparokshanubhuti". Can anyone
> > enlighten us?
> >
> Jaldhar Vyas has been translating the work
> "jIvanmuktiviveka" by H.H. Swami Vidyaranya, on this
> list.

Alas, this is another project of mine which has fallen by the wayside for
lack of time.  I can tell you what Swami Vidyaranya has to say about the
matter though.  Karma has its' forward momentum.  It's like with a car.
If you are going fast and suddenly slam on the brakes, it will continue
moving for a while before stopping.  So to with the Jivanmukta.  After
achieving jnana, there is no more duality but the after-effects of the
pre-jnana duality (prarabdha karma) may continue until they are exhausted.

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