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> I don't shun from declaring Sri Sri Sankaracharya a
> world teacher, even if it be from my "ignorance" (as
> some have suggested). After attaining moksha there
> is
> no sense of the teacher and the taught, I admit. But
> what would have been our fate if Sri Sri
> Sankaracharya
> and Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi had not resorted to
> this "ignorance" and turned a blind eye to this
> world
> instead of cultivating compassion for the jivas
> mired
> in this dual world !

Of course, it goes without saying that
Shankaraachaarya has great compassion for all living
beings, and we revere Him as THE world-teacher.

But you had said that He has the "Vidya's ego", and I
felt that it was sacrilege on our part to speak of an
ego for Shankaraachaarya!

He had no ego at all, even if it be an ego of
Knowledge. If He did, He wouldn't be a GYAnI.

> Sri Sri Sankaracharya was not a dry intellectualist.
> The verses in praise of various God's and Goddesses
> he
> composed would melt the heart of stone.

Ramana Maharshi writes in the introduction to his
translation of the vivekachUDaamaNi, "Shankara is the
Atman that shines in Me" or words to that effect.




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